Launched in january 2016, Cou de foudre is a young parisian brand specialized in the creation of eco-designed scarves in France.

Made in France

100% laine mérinos



Simplicity, authenticity, love and respect for nature, all values relying on the slow life concept. These are the basis of our project. A true philosophy of life that mean’s living in consciousness, to re-discover the taste of softnees and well-being facing the accelerating of our rhythm of life.


Where do our clothes come from ? How are they made ? It’s by asking yourself the right questions that you choose a right way to consume. Today more than ever, each one of us must think about the way we want to live also by its shopping habits. Consume better and be stylish: it’s possible. Offering products that are conceived respecting humain beings, animals and the planet. Yes, it’s also possible !


Our goal: to design high-quality scarves that are created using an ethical and ecological manufacturing process. To ensure our prices are fair, we decided not to work with any subcontractors. We collaborate exclusively with French craftspeople with unique ‘savoir-faire’.